Timber windows and doors with aluminium cladding

At Rationel, we are proud of our history, providing our customers with beautifully crafted natural timber windows and doors since 1954. 

Today, many homeowners, builders and architects place special emphasis on external durability and low maintenance. Our specialist timber windows and doors with aluminium cladding offer an option that is both low-maintenance and strong - combining the beauty and craftsmanship of our natural timber windows and doors with a modern, durable, low maintenance aluminium clad external finish. 

All of our aluminium clad products boast superior protection against the elements, with a tough exterior that provides excellent thermal insulation and can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. This allows you to enjoy our products for many years without worrying about maintenance, or repeatedly recoating the frame of your window or door. 


Aluclad Chop  

Advantages of timber windows and doors with aluminium cladding

  • Low maintenance
  • Great thermal efficiency
  • Top acoustic performance
  • Durability


Rationel offers two ranges of timber windows and doors with aluminium cladding: Rationel FORMAPLUS® and Rationel AURAPLUS®. 

Each aluminium-clad timber range has been designed to fit a specific building style.

Choose your architectural style

It is important that the design and style of your timber product with aluminium cladding is well-suited to your home.

Whether you are installing doors and windows in a newly-built home, or replacing old ones, it is important to consider their appearance (both internally and externally) as well as the more practical elements, such as inward or outward opening access for easy-cleaning, choice of hardware etc.

Rationel offers a versatile range of doors and windows with aluminium cladding. Take the time to consider the requirements of your home or design project and we will help you find what is right for you.


building style



building style


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