Topswing window

Top swing window

Boasting an extensive ability for individual customisation, our top swing windows are popular among homeowners who see ease of maintenance and high levels of child safety as their main priorities.

Rationel top swing windows have a cleverly designed mechanism which allows the sash to turn almost 180 degrees. This effectively makes the window reversible, meaning the glass can quickly and easily be cleaned from the inside.



Advantages of top swing windows

1. Multi-functional

2. Suitable for multi-storey buildings

3. Easy to clean

4. Comes with child-proof opening limiter


Minimum and maximum sizes


  Min. width Min. height Max. width Max. height Total max. width+height
Rationel FORMA 558 mm 548 mm  1598 mm  1598 mm 
Rationel FORMAPLUS 558 mm 548 mm 1598 mm 1598 mm
Rationel AURA 558 mm 548 mm 1598 mm 1598 mm -
Rationel AURAPLUS 558 mm 548 mm 1598 mm 1598 mm -

Max width and height are subject to glass weight and spec.



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