Topguided windows

Top guided windows are simple, elegant and user-friendly.

A must-have for fans of modern and minimalist aesthetics, the opening function of a Rationel top-guided window is controlled by tracks and slides, with adjustable friction ironmongery allowing for nearly unlimited opening positions. 

Advantages of top guided windows

1. Suitable for all rooms

2. Easy, seamless opening function

3. Provides effective ventilation when open, both above and below the sash

4. No visible external hinges

Minimum and maximum sizes

Topguided window

Rationel FORMAPLUS Rationel FORMA Rationel AURAPLUS Rationel AURA

(outward opening)


Min. width 358 mm 358 mm 358 mm 358 mm
Min. height 383 mm 383 mm 383 mm 383 mm
Max. width 1798 mm 1798 mm 1798 mm 1798 mm
Max. height 1598 mm 1598 mm 1598 mm 1598 mm

Max width and height are subject to glass weight and spec.


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