Tilt and turn window

Tilt and turn windows

Rationel tilt and turn windows are inward opening, and function in two ways. The tilt function opens the top of the sash by approximately 10cm, allowing fresh air to ventilate the room.

The turning function allows for them to be opened inwardly, hinging from the side.

As a result of these functions, tilt and turn windows can easily be cleaned from the inside, and are perfectly suited as “escape windows” or emergency exits.


Advantages of tilt and turn windows

1. Multi-functional window, doubles well as an escape window or emergency exit

2. Suitable for multi-storey buildings

3. Easy to clean


Minimum and maximum sizes

  Min. width Min. height Max. width Max. height
Rationel AURAPLUS 500 mm 510 mm 1300 mm 2400 mm

Note: the tilt & turn window is only available for the Rationel AURAPLUS product range in triple glazed only.

Max width and height are subject to glass weight and spec.


Adjustment of Rationel tilt and turn windows

Download mounting instruction 


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