We use FSC certified timber

Rationel is using the finest pinewood from FSC® certified timber from northern European forests, where reforestation is carried out systematically and tree planting is higher than the amount cut down. Furthermore all material suppliers sign a declaration, which sets out a number of standards ensuring care for the environment and for the labour used.

Rationel is certified according to the FSC’s global labelling scheme for sustainable wood and paper. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international not-for-profit organization, which makes it possible to buy wood and paper products with a clear conscience. Companies all over the world comply with the FSC’s guidelines for sustainability and the legality of their production. The FSC label guarantees that, due to our production, no more trees than the forest is able to reproduce are felled, that wildlife and vegetation in the forests are protected, and that forest workers receive training, safety equipment and a decent wage. The FSC is the only global labelling scheme, which is widely supported by green organisations such as WWF, Greenpeace and Nepenthes, plus social organisations such as BAT and companies all over the world.

10 good reasons for choosing FSC-labelled products

  1. The FSC ensures consideration for nature, wildlife and people.
  2. The FSC label guarantees that no more trees are felled than the forest is able to reproduce naturally.
  3. Parts of the forest are protected entirely in order to preserve endangered animals and plants.
  4. Indigenous people, such as Indians and Samians are ensured their right to use the forest and any sacred sites in the forest are exempt from felling.
  5. Local workers receive training, safety equipment and a decent wage that they can live on.
  6. The local populations benefit from the income generated by the forest and local labour is used.
  7. All timber can be traced back to the forest. All links between the forest and you the customer are certified so that you always know what is FSC certified and what is not.
  8. FSC certification is a market-based initiative from which the forest owner, the worker and the manufacturer benefit. It also ensures better conditions for the forest and the people whose livelihoods depend on it.
  9. All types of forests can be FSC-certified, from Scandinavian coniferous forests to tropical rainforests and plantations.
  10. FSC certification does not only apply to the timber used in furniture, but it is also available for floors, patios, paper, charcoal for grilling – in other words, in everything made of timber.

Visit www.fsc.org for additional information about all the requirements, which we and other FSC-labelled companies must meet.

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