Retrofitted to amodern low energy house

- a unique practical example of low-energy retrofitting. By renovating this small detached house, a lot of energy-optimizing methods, products and techniques have been tested in practice. The client has gone all the way and got the house Passive House Certified.

Type: Retrofitting of a 1963 house
Carried out: November 2009
Site: Brorsonsvej, Hjørring
Net area: 96 m2
Gross area: 124 m2
Window system: Rationel ALDUS
Heating demand: 15 kWh/m2/year

Originally, the house had a heating demand of 102 kWh/m2 year. A typical renovation would lower the heating demand to approximately 50 kWh/m2year - significantly more than what was achieved by this refurbishment.

It can be a challenge to achieve the Passive House Standard when retrofitting. In this case the team had given themselves a difficult task - a small house with a comparatively large building envelope makes it even harder to meet criteria of only 15 kWh/m2/year for heating.

The extensive refurbishment can (among other places) be seen in the construction thickness of the wall, in some places exceeding 800 mm, and the difference between net area and gross area reaching 28 m² in a house of only 124 m2.

This far-reaching energy optimisation includes installation of Rationel ALDUS windows, with a 3-layer low energy pane. Energy optimisation of the windows has included carefully placed and sized windows. The calculation shows that the windows contribute approximately 400 kWh / year heat more than they let out.

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