EUC NorthPassive house school

Products from the Rationel ALDUS range work to create a more energy-efficient school, and a brighter learning environment for children

Type: School, retrofit and new build

Built: August 2010

Net size: 1108 m2

Gross size: 1200 m2

Window system: Rationel ALDUS super low energy

Heating demand: 12 kWh/m2/year

This project included both the retrofitting of an existing building, and the creation of a 1200-square-metre new build. Both of these developments achieved compliance with the Passive House standard, reaching a near self-sufficient level of energy utilisation, drawing natural thermal energy from the sun to sufficiently heat the interior.

Before choosing a window system, the architect in question had to take several parameters into account. These included, but were not limited to, thermal performance in conjunction with construction proportions, installation possibilities and end-user comfort demands.

Designing an optimal learning environment

Rationel ALDUS windows and doors proved to be a vital component in terms of matching both the aesthetic and thermal demands. Well-lit rooms were an essential requirement in order to maximise the attention span and energy levels of the pupils, and ensure that the children were in an optimal learning environment.

Utilising free solar heat

For the school to reach the Passive House standard, it was necessary to carefully design the window proportion and orientation in line with a specialised, energy-saving architectural concept. 

After our refurbishment, the solar heat absorbed through the façade windows of the school is approximately 2300 kWh/year higher than the heat loss through the rest of the building. In essence, these windows work like see-through radiators.

Taking precautions

To prevent overheating in the rooms with south-facing windows, we installed mechanical solar blinds, combining them with the eaves of the building. This works to shade the building during the day without shutting out the light and warmth emitted from the sun, allowing the space to retain a comfortable temperature through all seasons.


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