Passive house for day-care

There is a rising interest in building with focus a on energy efficiency. With this project the client wanted to obtain the best energy certification on the market - the Passive House Certification. The project consists of three nearly identical day-care centres, placed in three different locations in the same city, with only minor differences in orientation and possible solar gain.

Type: Passive House day-care center
Built: Ultimo 2010
Net size: 1050 m2
Window system: Rationel ALDUS
Heating demand: 15 kWh/m2/year

The day-care centres are built on two stories, designed to house 100 children over an area of 1,050m2.

Building a Passive House includes meeting very strict demands on density. In order to meet these demands, the building envelope has been constructed as pre-fab with light façade and roof elements and Rationel ALDUS windows and doors.

The heating and hot water system is a combination of geothermal heat, solar heating and district heating. The building will primarily be heated through the ventilation system, which has a very efficient heat recovery. The system both ensures a sufficient heat supply and the necessary ventilation rate.

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