Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire- "Double your house for half the money"

Rationel Windows participated in the brand new Channel 4 series "Double Your House for Half the Money". The show is fronted by property expert Sarah Beeny, who in each episode sets out to help a family develop their existing home into a bigger place they could not currently afford to buy.

Rationel took part in the episode that aired on Tuesday 18th September, which took viewers to Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire.

Edward and Louise Croft Baker's farm workers cottage was in a fantastic rural location, but was much smaller than required for the growing Croft Baker family. The project included a rear and side extension and extensive internal refurbishment. The number of bedrooms was doubled to four, a family bathroom and large new en suite was installed and a large and flexible kitchen/dining/living space was created.

The aim of the project was to provide a forever house that would provide a comfortable living space for the family.

"When we were looking for windows and doors, we wanted to make sure that they would last, involve minimum maintenance, be energy efficient and you can't put a price on a life time of comfort" says Edward Croft Baker.

"The new triple glazed Rationel Auraplus range stood out to us because of their sleek and elegant appearance which meant that we could make the most of the view. One of the real selling points was the fact that the windows are energy contributors providing more solar energy than they let out which will provide amazing long term energy savings".

Edward continues to say "The comfort levels achieved are amazing, it is really quiet and you can sit right next to the window and not feel any cold air or draft. As a result we actually heat our house to a lower temperature and it feels as warm."

Paul Ahern, National Sales Manager with Rationel, says: "We were delighted that Edward and Louise Croft Baker chose Rationel windows and doors for their home. When they initially came and presented the project to us we found it very interesting because of the combination of both modern and traditional style building. This gave us the opportunity to use both our traditional style Patus+ window and at the same time we could incorporate our latest energy window Rationel AURAPLUS".

Rationel installed their prize-winning, new triple glazed Rationel Auraplus range in conjunction with the Patus+ range to match the traditional and contemporary styles of the building and provide maximum comfort.


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