Passive Houses

Our Experience with Passive Houses

At Rationel, we aspire to be a leading voice on the subject of environmentalism in the home. Not only do we supply energy-saving window solutions, and offer guidance to our customers wanting to reduce the emissions created by their house, but we have also participated in a number of cutting edge passive house projects.

What is a Passive House project?

The term Passive House refers to the fastest growing voluntary energy standard in the world. It comes from the German term Passivhaus, which was first used by Professors Bo Adamson of Sweden and Wolfgang Feist of Germany, and has continued to be used since the first Passivhaus dwellings were built in Darmstadt in 1991.  

Generally speaking, it applies to buildings that require little energy to heat or cool them, resulting in low emissions and a small carbon footprint. However, the more functional definition is as follows:

A Passivhaus is a building for which thermal comfort can be achieved solely by post-heating or post-cooling of the fresh air mass, which is required to achieve sufficient indoor air quality conditions – without the need for additional recirculation of air.

Rationel is the leading supplier of windows and doors for Passive House construction and low-energy buildings in Scandinavia, and we owe it to our considerable experience in optimising the energy efficiency of windows and doors.

The choice of windows is crucial to the development of a low-energy building, as is knowledge of the relationship between building design and energy performance. 

Achieving the optimum window solution depends on a combination of factors:

  • Insulating properties
  • Ability to make use of free solar heat
  • Orientation in relation to the sun
  • Sun screening and shading
  • Glass to frame ratio
  • Installation methods and thermal bridges
  • Number of windows and total window area
  • Air tightness

Rationel can offer the right products and expert guidance to help you achieve the best energy solution for your home, whether you require greater performance in terms of thermal insulation, light transmittance, or use of passive solar heat gain, contact us for an in-depth discussion with one of our specialists.

Projects we have participated in

Our experience of building houses to Passive House standard spans refurbishments as well as both domestic and residential installations.

Read more about our Passive House projects below.

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Single-family passive house

Retrofit passive house

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