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As part of the VKR Group Rationel is passionate about contributing to the local community and believe the Employee Foundation is an importnat resource for giving something back. We encourage employees to make applications for causes close to their hearts and to date we have contributed equipment for local schools, sports clubs, and nurseries; some at which Rationel employees are volunteers.

We are always looking for worthy causes to contribute to. If you represent a needy or charitable cause seeking funding and would be interested in learning more about how we can help, please send an enquiry to the following address: generalenquiry@rationel.co.uk

VKR Fund

The VKR Group employs over 15,000 people internationally across Europe, with a collective goal to bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into everyday lives. The founder of this group, Villum Kann Rasmussen, placed great importance on corporate responsibility both towards the people employed and the communities in which the companies operate. With this ethic in mind the VKR Employee Foundation was created; working to support both existing and retired employees of the VKR group and their immediate family as well as their communities, with financial support focused into three main areas:

- Employees going through unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances

- Education of an employees child

- Worthy causes local to the vicinity of VKR Group companies

Throughout the year employees can make applications to our dedicated board for consideration. To date, over 3,000 donations have been made to employees and over 1,100 local projects have been supported through funding for sports equipment, renovation of community buildings, medical items benefiting the elderly and disabled along with many more causes.

More information about the VKR Employee Foundation can be found on the official website, please visit the following link: www.employeefoundation.com

Charity Raffle for Launton Nursery

Charity Raffle For Scannappeal

Entertainment at Rationel's annual corporate golf day fed into the evening in the form of a charity raffle, raising much needed funds for local medical organization ScannAppeal.

Day trip for Launton Nursery

Launton Nursery

Rationel recently funded a trip for the 21 children in the play group to visit a petting farm, which was a huge success.

Bicester Green Gym

Bicester Green Gym

June marks the beginning of Rationel becoming more physically involved in the local community. With the improving weather and more opportunities to get outdoors, Rationel employees have been dedicating their Tuesday mornings to helping out Bicester Green Gym: a local conservation group working to improve and preserve the town's precious green spaces.

Little Redbacks

Little Redbacks

Rationel has donated team-branded shirts and caps for all the children playing in the local baseball club; Little Redbacks.

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