High quality windows and doors

Rationel bespoke windows and doors are available in timber or timber clad with aluminium. Please select the product you are interested in for more information.

Select the material you are interested in:

Timber Windows Doors   Aluclad Windows Doors


Opening functions

Our windows and doors are available in a range of different opening functions. Click on the opening styles below to read more about features and sizes.


1Fixed light
Topstyret Vindue
2Topguided window
Sidehaengt Vindue
3Sidehung window
Topvende Vindue
4Topswing window
Sidestyret Vindue
5Sideguided window
Sidebundhaengt Vindue
6Tilt & turn window



1Entrance doors
2Panelled doors
3Terrace doors
4Tilt & turn door
vinduesdoer (1).jpg
5Window doors
6Sliding patio doors



Shaped windows

In addition to our regular styles, we manufacture bespoke shaped units to fit a range of unique openings. Curved, circular and slanting units are available in all of the Rationel product ranges.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your project.

Shaped WindowsRound Window
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