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Maintenance a few times a year extends the lifetime of your windows and doors.

Cleaning window panes

Use a soft brush and a squeegee, with mild soapy water - if necessary add a rinse agent that prevents calcium stains. We recommend that you clean the exterior frame and sash twice a year when cleaning the windows anyway. It is a good idea to open the windows and wash all available surfaces, corners etc. where insects like to hide, a couple of times a year. It is especially important to remove cobwebs and the like, which in time will inevitably sit in the corners and can block the automatic water drainage and the natural ventilation around the frame.

Window Stickers on new windows can be removed by soaking them in water. Remains of window stickers or other marks may be removed with the gentle use of ceramic hob cleaner.

Maintenance of external timber

Timber windows need maintenance. Not much though, if the work gets done in time. Inspect regularly to see if there are cracks emerging in the exterior coating. This applies particularly on the southern and western elevations, bay-parties, etc. where the sun's UV rays are hard on all woodwork. Also houses without eaves are exposed.

Just one crack in the paint exposes the timber to moisture, and the decomposition of the timber has begun. The windows must be reviewed once a year with a brush to make repairs to the surface wherever it is needed. The timber moisture content should be in the range between 15 and 18 percent and the air temperature around 15 degrees. Avoid painting early on - wait for the night dew to ease, and stop in time for the paint to be "hand dry" before the dew falls again. For post-treatment we recommended the use of a paint with great covering power either water or oil based in the appropriate colour. The paint applied from the factory is water based in gloss 20. Furthermore it is a good idea to wash the sash and frame a few times a year when you clean the windows. It removes dirt and other contamination, which ultimately degrades the surface. Use water with a mild detergent.

Care of external aluminium

The outer aluminium reduces the need for maintenance. You can make do with washing the outside of the windows a few times a year. Whenever you clean the windows, make it a habit that you also wash the sash and frame. If the window has been vandalized or physically stressed by other means, remove minor scratches with a polishing compound. In deeper scratches that pass the surface, into the raw aluminium, an oxidation will automatically occur, which closes the "wounded" area and prevents corrosion. This kind of damage is difficult to repair with paint without it being visible afterwards. Our advice is: Live with the scratch. It does not affect the window's long lifetime.

Care of interior timber

The inside of the window requires virtually no care to ensure durability. But in most rooms, it will from time to time be necessary to remove grease and smoke from the sash and frame. The cleaning frequency depends on the load the room is exposed to. Clean with cloth and a mild detergent.

Care of weather strips

Weather strips require no maintenance beyond routine cleaning when needed. Use a cloth with some silicone care product to ensure the strips remain soft. That's all.

If you would want to change the colour of your windows, be careful not to get paint on the strips. If that happens, they will lose their flexibility that is necessary for the window and door to close tightly.

Lubrication of hardware

Ironmongery parts do not require much care. However, it would make sense a few times a year to give the moving parts a few drops of acid-free oil, so they continue to move smoothly. Use an oil that you would use for sewing machines, K-40 or similar. For parts in exposed places, e.g. coastal areas, the oiling intervals are expected to be substantially shorter than once a year. Under extreme circumstances, replacement of exposed fittings will be needed after a period of years. In addition, various runners (that some type of windows are provided with) should be kept free of dirt, in order to always have fully functional window.

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