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Transparent information about PANES

The primary functions of panes are to keep out rain, to retain heat and to ensure a good view and contribution of light. But they offer many other features which may be worth considering. Rationel panes are able to shield against the sun, reduce noise, inhibit burglary and save energy. These features can even be combines in one and the same pane, thus offering more functions.

All windows are approved according to EN 1279.

Dark.jpg    Rationel ENERGY - Rationel standard pane - reduces heating bills

Navy.jpg    Rationel OBSCURE - restricts the view into bathrooms

Orange.jpg    Rationel SOUND - reduces noise problems

Lightgrey.jpg    Rationel SAFETY - reduces the risk of injuries

Groen.jpg    Rationel SECURITY - slows down the thieves

Dark.jpg    Rationel FACADE - a tool to play with your facade

Navy.jpg    Rationel SOLAR - reduces sunlight






Window panes for any purpose

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