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Quality, design and functionality are important elements for Rationel's products, but for us it is equally important that our products are a good and sensible choice for the future.

Rationel is therefore using FSC® certified timber from northern European forests, where reforestation is carried out systematically and tree planting is higher than the amount cut down. Furthermore all material suppliers sign a declaration, which sets out a number of standards ensuring care for the environment and for the labour used.

In production, we ensure the best use of our basic material and our timber is "system 2 ECO" impregnated (water-based system).

Orange.jpg     Download FSC certificate

Orange.jpg     Download "A commitment to the environment" 

A commitment to the environmentFSClogo.jpgRainforest Alliance





  • Environmental friendly gases in our sealed units 

  • Positive energy balance

  • Recyclable materials

  • FSC certified timber

  • Optimal material use

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