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Five Energy Guidelines

Whether you refurbish or build from new, there is inspiration in 'the five energy guidelines' on how to achieve an energy-saving solution.

Low-energy windows can influence your energy bill significantly 

Approximately 30% of all energy used to heat older dwellings disappears through closed doors and windows. This means that the windows are a great place to start when you wish to cut down your energy bill.

Think green - it's worthwhile

Most home owners change the windows as the first step when they want to reduce their energy consumption. About 30% of the energy used for heating of older homes is lost through closed windows. 

That is why new and modern windows are one of the best investments when a considerable energy saving must be made for a manageable amount of money.

Yearly saving:

1.050 kg CO2
395 litres of oil
15% on your heating bill per year

Other advantages:

  • Better indoor climate
  • Less down draught
  • Less draught
  • Better ventilation possibilities
  • New windows that match the building's style
  • Improved security performance
  • Less external noise

The calculations are based on a 150m2 detached home, when changing the windows from old double-glazed windows to Rationel double-glazed energy windows.

Five green guidelines that help you achieve energy-saving solutions

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